Good Golly Miss Molly

November 20, 2011 Posted by Avalon Exchange


Every time I finish a Molly Ringwald movie I run to my closet to pull out chunky bracelets and embellished tops, striving to achieve her effortless one-of-a-kind style.  From riding boots with long skirts to layered collars, she always dared to be different. Its in these moments that I consider how much of an impact Ringwald’s signature looks have had on my own closet, and a few things that we all should have learned from this sometimes overlooked style icon of the 80′s.

1. Layer like a pro. Now that the leaves have left the trees and taken the warmth with them, there is no excuse to leave the house without a collection of artfully draped scarves, bangles, socks, and shirts. Ringwald’s character in 16 Candles has layering down to a science. Adding a neutral layer over bright colors or busy layers is an easy way to make an ambitious look more wearable. Big patterned scarves (a favorite of mine) and an armful of wristlets can turn basic dresses into curated ensembles. And though the trends may continue to change, layering remains an essential part of the smart sartorialist’s handbook.

2. Blazers are timeless. The cuts may change, but the sentiment is eternal. Enough said.

3. Hats are your friend. Many girls I’ve talked to harbor a strong reaction to hats at large, love or hate. Either you’re at home in millinery or you’re committed to letting your locks do the talking – and that’s okay, but regardless of what side you’re on, Ringwald always made a strong case for hat lovers everywhere. Much like a handbag, matching your hat to your shoes adds instant harmony to an outfit. Adorning hats with silk scarves or brooches can help dress up lackluster outfits in a snap. Still not convinced? Come in to any of our stores for new and vintage headwear and try a few on – you may be surprised by the results!

4. Signature colors make things easy. Ringwald’s affinity for all things pink shone through on the screen and off. And why not? Pink tones perfectly accentuate her fiery red hair and pale complexion, and seem to go with almost any neutral. Pink may not be for everyone, but knowing what hues work best with your coloring can help you look your best. Signature colors can also work as a shopping guide when the best options aren’t so easy to decipher. This University of New Mexico article gives you in depth instructions to finding your own personal color.

What do you think? Is Molly Ringwald a beacon of great style or were her unique looks better forgotten with teased bangs?

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