A Bigger Bang for Your Buck.

We want you to get the most out of your selling experience. We buy clothing every day of the week, but please be sure to check the store hours for the buying hours.

Seller’s Checklist

  1. Items should be damage-free. Items must be clean, stainless, odorless, and free of holes and tears to be considered for purchase. Garments must also have working buttons and/or zippers.
  2. We do not take undergarments.
  3. For faster service clothing should be neatly folded and presented as this makes the buying/selling experience faster and easier. It slows things down when things are on hangers, but a shopping bag, trash bag,  laundry basket, or box is great!
  4. We’re looking to buy current trends, designer pieces, and vintage styles.
  5. Clothing should match the season that we’re currently buying for—i.e., lighter clothes in the spring and summer, and heavier clothing such as sweaters and coats in the fall and winter.
  6. Always make sure to have a valid identification with you when selling.

Selling Guide

The items on this list are here to provide you with a visual guide on what we are looking to buy. If you have any questions or concerns on the items listed or on what we are currently taking, please feel free to call any one of our locations and we will gladly provide you with more information.